Maine Huts & Trails Adventures

The Maine Huts & Trails are four off the grid eco lodges situated along 80 miles of trails, right in our neck of the woods.  Paired with Four Peaks Guide Service, a trip to the Huts could be a perfect vacation for you.  All trips include lodging, three delicious meals per day and guide.  Fly fishing equipment available upon request.

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Fly fishing on the Dead River from Grand falls Hut

The Dead River is home to land locked salmon, brook trout and rainbow trout.  We'll fish the runs and pools below the falls and fish our way up Spencer Stream.  Full and half day trips available. 

Lodging at the Grand Falls Hut and three delicious meals per day: $75/adult, $36/youth

Guide: $300/day/2 people, $200/day/1person




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Fly fishing from poplar Hut

Have you ever followed a mountain stream while fishing for native brook trout? Join us for a walk along swirling, clear waters, stopping at deep, shaded pools to cast a fly.  You might trail a nymph along a gleeful little run and catch a keeper too beautiful to keep. They might not be giants, but these brook trout are rare, wild gems.   

Optimal months:  June, July

Lodging at the Poplar Hut and three delicious meals per day: $75/adult, $36/youth

Guide: $300/day/2 people, $200/day/1person

Bigelow range, summer, Maine, backpacking,  hiking

backpacking or hiking the bigelows from stratton brook hut

Explore the Bigelow Mountain Range, using Stratton Brook Hut as your base camp.  Hike for the day or embark on an overnight backpacking trip. The Bigelow Range includes West Peak (4,150'), Avery Peak (4088') and the Horns (3805') and Horns Pond, an alpine pond just below treeline.  

Guided Ridgline Hike and Camp:  View full itinerary, pricing and booking here.  

Guided Avery Hike: View full itinerary, pricing and booking here.

Don't see what you are looking for?  Want to backpack for more days? Email us and we will design a trip for you.


According to the maine if&W, Maine has the most extensive and abundant population of wild brook trout in their native range in the United States.