Maine vacation

A Ski to Crommetts

I love the fun and peacefulness of cross country skiing.  It's so simple--no lines, no expensive lift tickets, and little to no driving.  There are numerous outstanding cross country ski trails in our area.  Recently, high winds shut down Sugarloaf, causing people to find entertainment off the mountain.  The airport parking lot which is used to access the snowmobile, Narrow Gauge, and Huts trail systems was packed with cars and trucks with snowmobile trailers.  We thought we'd see lots of people on the trails.  However, aside from two pairs of bikers, we had the trails to ourselves.  Many people from out of town seem to stick to the Gauge or the primary Huts system.  By taking a different route, you avoid the crowds.  To be honest though, there are never really crowds.  I guess we just get a little spoiled up here.