youth programming activities

Our youth programming is designed to excite, engage and entertain youth and to help them become stewards of the outdoors.  Not only for youth groups or schools, these activites are a great add-on for family vacations.  We can also meet you at any of the Huts.  Special pricing for schools and youth groups.  FMI contact us!

Leave No Trace Activities:  (approx. 1 hour)A fun, interactive introduction to Leave No Trace principles which will give students the foundational knowledge of how to stay safe and be responsible stewards of the outdoors.  This session includes four activities: LNT Intro/Quiz Game; Trash Timeline; Camp O-No; and Will You Make It? Problem and Solution Activity.  $60/ 2-6 people


Fire building 101: (approx 1.5 hr) Students will learn the basics of building a campfire safely and responsibly.  We will also test out several different packable tinders--vaseline coated cotton balls, frito chips and wax/sawdust cakes.  Finally, we’ll roast a snack over our fires. $60/ 1-4 people


Hobby Naturalist Activities (approx 2hrs) A hobby naturalist is someone who is curious about nature and enjoys making observations and learning about the outdoors.  Students will begin by practicing making observations. Next, they will each make a naturalist kit and become familiar with some additional tools that naturalists use.  After learning the code of ethics that naturalists follow, students then will have time to explore freely to use their journals to record observations, collect specimens, make spore prints, use a bird call, press flowers, make a pit fall trap and more.  $65/ 1-5 people


Nature and Art:  (1-1.5 hr) Inspired by the artwork of Andy Goldsworthy , students will create and photograph works of art outside using the materials which surround them.  We’ll start with an introduction to Goldsworthy’s work and then move outdoors to make art. $60/ 1-6 people


Fascinating Aquatic Insects:  (1-2hrs)  Students will learn about the incredible diversity and life cycle of aquatic insects.  We will collect specimens using kick nets, by looking into the water using home made water scopes and by picking up rocks.  $60/ 1-4 people


Make a nature T-shirt: (approx. 30 min) Starting with a dark-colored T shirt, students will make one-of-a-kind T shirts by collecting leaves, flowers, feathers or other natural found items.  $20 per person; minimum group of 3 people


I’m Lost!  Now What? (approx 1.5hr) Students will learn what to do if they are lost.  Most of our time will be spent building emergency shelters--always a hit!  $60 / 1-6 people


Mystery Mammal (In Kingfield area or at Flagstaff Hut only)This mammal has orange teeth, webbed feet, and fur!  There are many more fascinating facts about this mystery mammal whose home we will visit.  After our outing, we will investigate the the incredible diversity of mammals by making our own mystery mammals.  $60/ 1-6 people

Pricing is a flat rate per group unless otherwise indicated.  For example, whether your group is 1, 2, 3, or 4 people you will pay $60 for Fascinating Aquatic Insects.  We can accommodate larger groups, especially for schools and summer camps.  Contact us for more information!